FAQs about Palace Arts Nexus - our Artists' Resource Centre

When do you hope to launch?

Some facilities are available now, but we shall launch fully later in the year.


I would like to help, but won’t be using Palace Arts Nexus myself

If your interest is in helping the arts scene to thrive but you are not likely to make use of the facilities yourself, then you can become a Sponsor of Palace Arts Nexus.  


How much does it cost to become a Sponsor?

As much as you can afford, basically. We are grateful for any donation from a couple of pounds to a few thousand, according to your means. Money raised will be used to purchase resources and equipment for the Centre and not to pay staff, who work without remuneration. Details on how to pay can be found at the end of this document.


Are there other ways in which I can help?


Palace Arts Nexus is starting up from scratch, so we have a very long wish list of furniture, equipment and resources (see above) which we need to purchase or accept as donations. Maybe this is the time to go up into the loft and dig out all that stuff you kept just in case you ever had the time to take up photography, painting, printing, lino cutting, drawing ... we really do need absolutely everything from a single paintbrush to a darkroom enlarger, so anything, however small, would be gratefully received. We are also setting up a library and book exchange, so check out all those art books taking up space on your bookshelves and see if they could do with a change of scenery.


If you are handy with a drill or pride yourself on your flat pack skills, we need you to help set up the rooms.

Another way you can help is to simply be there. In due course we shall have a better idea of how Palace Arts Nexus will operate so we may well need volunteers to be around to welcome users, just as we do in the gallery itself.


How do I get to make use of the resources and facilities at Palace Arts Nexus?

The best way is to become a Friend of Palace Arts Nexus. By paying an annual subscription you can become a part of the creative community and at the same time get a warm fuzzy feeling because your subscription fees are helping both the Gallery and Artists’ Centre to continue. If you prefer, you can use the resources of the centre on an ad hoc basis, paying as you go.


How much does it cost to become a Friend?

It costs £45 per annum to become a Friend of Palace Arts.


What does the subscription cover?

The Friends subscription gives you:

  • Free reasonable access to the Front Room (when available) for networking, informal meeting, reading, use of non-consumable resources

  • Use of library/book exchange

  • Use of computer if available (non-bookable)

  • Free tea/coffee/biscuits.

  • 25% discount on all other room and resource charges.

Use of these facilities is subject to adherence to our Acceptable Use Agreement and prior bookings.


Why should I become a Friend of Palace Arts?

If you just want somewhere to hang out, grab a coffee, meet up with other artists, read arts-related material and occasionally use the computer or use the workspace to cut the odd mount and frame up some work, then a Friends subscription will give you a venue to do that.


If, on the other hand, you would like to use the darkroom or screen printing facilities, hire the space to run your own workshops or meetings or maybe come in to the building to work for the day (for example), then becoming a Friend will give you 25% off all our hire costs. This subscription is ideal for artists who need a space to do things they are not able to do at home but who do not wish to go to the expense of renting a studio of their own.


What would it cost me to use the Artists’ Centre if I chose not to take out a subscription?

Non-subscribers are charged according to the charges below. 


Personal use of The Printroom

£10 per hour, £20 for three hours, £30 per day (10am-4pm) per user.

You bring your own consumables (chemicals, inks etc.)

Users are not allowed to print someone else’s work as well as their own.

Fee is for exclusive use by one individual. You may bring an assistant whose work is not being produced. If two or more people wish to produce work in the room at the same time then the charge is reduced by 25% per head.


Personal use of The Printroom, consumable provided

£10 per hour, £20 for three hours, £30 per user per day plus consumables charge.

We can provide consumables and charge you accordingly. 10 days advance notice is required.

Other conditions as above.


Use of a room for short meetings

£10 per hour exclusive use (closed doors), £5 per hour shared access

Informal meetings with shared access to the room are free for Friends of Palace Arts, subject to Acceptable Use Agreement. Closed door meetings must be booked in advance and are always charged for. Shared access use of the room, where other users might be present, does not need to be booked but availability must be ascertained prior to arriving.


Use of workbenches for mounting, framing etc.

£10 per hour, £20 for three hours, £30 whole day (10am-4pm). Shared access.

Free Friends of Palace Arts, subject to Acceptable Use Agreement. We can also provide consumable material  with advance notice, for which you will be charged accordingly.

General use of The Front Room (painting, drawing etc)

£10 per hour, £20 for three hours, £30 whole day (10am-4pm). Shared access.

Non-consumables included. Consumables can be provided, for which you will be charged. Tea/coffee biscuits included. £25 deposit, refundable if room and resources left clean and tidy.


Use of a room for a workshop run by you.

£10 per hour, £20 for three hours, £30 whole day (10am-4pm). 

Non-consumables included (darkroom equipment, screens etc) Tea/coffee biscuits included. £25 deposit, refundable if room and resources left clean and tidy.


Technical/administrative assistance (not training)

£10 per hour

Assistance with equipment and processes is available. You can also hire a helping hand for your workshops.


Portfolio Review/Mentoring

£20 up to one hour

We can help you with your portfolio by offering a critique of your work with an artist who works in your field.


Use of studio lights etc. Room included

£15 per hour £30 per three hours, £50 per day (10am-4pm)


Use of mini studio (small product photography)

£8 first hour, £5 per hour thereafter.

Camera can be provided. Use of computer to upload/transfer files.


Use of mount cutter, guillotine, cutting mats etc. 

Bring your own consumables.

£5 first half hour, £5 per hour thereafter.

We can also provide consumable materials with advance notice, for which you will be charged accordingly.


Use of wide format printer with assistance/supervision.

Scale of charges based on size and paper type.

Training and supervision is essential until we are assured that you are a competent user. We can also do the job for you for which you will be charged according to our current pricelist.


Use of computer/scanner

£5 first half hour, £10 per hour, £20 for three hours, £30 whole day (10am-4pm)

Photoshop, internet, scanner, file transfer, Dropbox space etc. available.


Evening use of premises (post 4pm)

£10 per hour additional cost.

This charge is necessary as someone will need to be on the premises with you.