Palace Arts Nexus

In addition to the wonderful Gallery on the ground floor, the Palace Hub offers the local arts community and members of the general public an opportunity to enjoy a wealth of resources and facilities on the first floor of the building.




Mark and Nel Hickson, curators of the gallery, also run a multi-disciplinary resource centre and meeting place for practising artists, art-lovers and indeed anyone who appreciates art in the local and regional area. 


There are to be four rooms available, collectively known as Palace Arts Nexus. One room will contain resources and facilities for light-sensitive processes such as chemical photography, screen printing and so on. We call this the Dark Room. One room will be kitted out with computing facilities including Adobe Creative Cloud on some machines. This we call the Light Room. (See what we did there?) Another room is to be for processes which require natural light such as painting, printing, framing etc. This room will also have comfortable seating and reading material available so that users can meet, talk, browse and generally make themselves at home. We call this the Front Room. Finally, we have a large room at the back of the building which can be booked for rehearsals, larger meetings, use as a photography studio and similar activities which require a clear space. This is called the Back Room. All rooms are bookable for your own workshops, meetings or personal use, and the Front Room will also serve as a drop-in venue for informal gatherings.

Ways to help
The Back Room

The Palace Arts Back Room is a large space (60 sq m, 660 sq feet, 73.3 sq yds) which can be used for a variety of purposes including photography, rehearsals, workshops and meetings.


The room can be booked on an ad hoc basis for the following rates:

  • £30 per day (10am-4pm)

  • £20 for three hours (half a day)

  • £10 per hour


If you would like to use the room regularly, for example as a rehearsal space or photography studio, then it is possible to block book for your exclusive use as follows:


Minimum booking period: 1 month payable in advance.

  • 1 day per week (10am-4pm), or multiples thereof: £100 pcm (saving a minimum of £20 pcm)

  • 1/2 day per week or multiples thereof: £65 pcm (saving a minimum of £15 pcm)

  • 1 hour per week or multiples thereof:  £35 pcm (saving  a minimum of £5 pcm)

  • Evenings (after 4pm) by arrangement, charged at £10 per hour plus £10 out of hours keyholder fee)


Normal opening hours are:

  • Mon-Wed, Fri and Sat 10-4

  • Sun 12-4

  • Other times by arrangement.


Regular users may store equipment on the premises by arrangement provided it is boxed and packed away after each booking.* see footnote

Friends Scheme

Friends of Palace Arts get a 25% discount on the above prices. A Friends subscription costs £45 per annum and gives members access to a variety of facilities and resources.

All donations of cash or equipment can be anonymous if desired. Please let us know so that we don’t add your name to our publicity.


Donate equipment, books and resources (there is a list of suggestions below)

Email us at or ‘phone us on 01642 296515 if you have any equipment or books you would like to donate. We can then arrange for you to deliver to the Gallery. Collection might be possible in some circumstances.


Become a Sponsor

Call in to the Gallery or ‘phone us to pay whatever you can afford by cash or card. You can also transfer money via PayPal (contact us for details).


Sign up to be a Friend of Palace Arts Nexus

Once the centre is up and running you can join in the community by becoming a Friend (further information below). This is a subscription service which will give you access to Palace Arts Nexus and its resources. You will need to complete a Registration and Agreement Form. You can call in to the Gallery to do this or ‘phone us to pay by card and we’ll email you the form. You can also transfer money via PayPal (contact us for details).


Offer practical help

We shall be needing lots of volunteer help as we set up the centre and also once it is up and running.


What we need

The Palace Arts Nexus wish list includes:

  • Painting - brushes, acrylics, watercolours, oils, canvasses, palettes, paper, easels...

  • Drawing - pencils, charcoals, pastels, paper, inks, drawing boards...

  • Lino cutting - tools, rollers, trays, press, inks, bench hooks, lino/polymer board

  • Screen printing - Printing press, screens, squeegees, inks, a lightbox would be nice...

  • Batik - tjantings, wax, wax kettle, fabric, dyes

  • Darkroom equipment - enlarger, trays, chemicals, timer, drier, tongs, safelight, washer etc

  • Books on techniques, artists, genres, architecture etc

  • Recent arts magazines

  • Mount cutter

  • Cutting mat

  • Metal rules

  • Anyone got a Mac/PC they no longer use?

  • Printers - small and large

  • A3 scanner

  • Imacon/Hasselblad scanner

  • Tables, workbenches, stools

  • Shelving - freestanding or wall mounted

  • Storage boxes

  • Bookshelves

  • Kitchen units, wall and base plus worktop

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Guillotine/rotary cutter

  • Microwave oven

  • Hotplates

  • Small oven

  • Settee/armchairs

  • Coffee table

  • Textiles - rags, pure cotton, muslin, silk...

  • Aprons, overalls

  • Cameras - min 8MP digital or 35mm, MF or LF film

  • Video camera

  • Studio lighting and peripherals

  • Digital projector

  • Large flatscreen TV


... and probably lots more!

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